I have made art all my life and have exhibited since 1986. My main practice is in printmaking and installation, including bookmaking, found objects, textiles, sound and video. I work part time at a a day centre for disabled adults and also with other community groups, and this experience informs my practice as an artist. I often create artworks which are interactive in some way, or make artworks in collaboration with others, aiming to make them as accessible to all as possible. Social concerns such as the environment, poverty, justice and the need for the spiritual are all important elements of my work both in the community and in exhibition. My work explores myths and meta narratives that form our society and how reality interweaves with these. For a list of previous and upcoming projects, please see about page.

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shaeron caton rose

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tears of the angels 2015

This immersive installation was my response to the issue of climate change and also an invitation to the viewing public to lobby the government concerning this issue. Handmade ceramic bowls were impressed with the chemical equations for rain and acid rain, these were displayed with crystal 'rain' drops and a video piece based on storm clouds and petrol floating on water. Hand made bowls, crystals, video. St James, Wetherby and Leeds Light Night